About Holbeach

5,Church Terrace Wisbech Cambs PE1 1BJ Tel. 01945 581234 [email protected] 10,High Street Holbeach Lincs PE12 7DY Tel. 01406 425678 [email protected]


Holbeach has busy markets and a vibrant shopping centre serving one of England’s largest parishes. The historic and cultural cities of Lincoln and Cambridge are a short drive away.

London by road is 90 minutes and just over an hour away by rail. Port Sutton Bridge provides access to European ports and there are excellent rail connections to Harwich and Felixstowe. Connections to the A1, being updated to motorway standard, and to the Peterborough rail terminal are on our doorstep. East Midlands airport is 1.5 hours away, and Birmingham, Stansted, Norwich and Luton are also convenient.

The unique landscape of South Holland – ‘the heart of the Fens’ – is a dramatic environment created over the centuries of land reclamation. Since Roman times, settlers have embarked and drained the salt marshes towards the Wash and the fens towards the uplands, creating exceptionally fertile land. During the Middle Ages, much of the land was used to rear cattle, horses and flocks of sheep, the wool from which made Lincolnshire wealthy. Huge flocks of geese were raised on the fens and walked to the London markets on feet hardened by tar.

South Holland, Lincolnshire, borders Cambridgeshire and has both the benefits of rural life and the advantage of accessibility.