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5,Church Terrace Wisbech Cambs PE1 1BJ Tel. 01945 581234 [email protected] 10,High Street Holbeach Lincs PE12 7DY Tel. 01406 425678 [email protected]

To view an ehouse tour you need a java-enabled browser such as Internet Explorer 4 or Netscape Navigator 4 or later. You can download the latest version of Internet Explorer by going to http://www.microsoft.com Alternatively, to upgrade your browser, you can install the latest java virtual machine. This is a free download from http://www.microsoft.com/java/vm/dl_vm40.htm Wisbech served as a port in medieval times. Since the 17th century the drained marshes provided rich productive farmland and Wisbech became the centre of a thriving agricultural region and an important trading centre.

The local Fenland countyside landscape is extremely flat, and visitors have commented on the “big sky” views.

In the 18th century Wisbech landowners, merchants and warehouse owners grew wealthy and built their rows of elegant houses along the banks of the River Nene. Facing each other across the water North Brink and South Brink are among the finest streets in England.

They have changed little over the years, and have been used as a location for BBC TV period dramas such as Martin Chuzzlewit and David Copperfield. More about Wisbech